Six Week skin challenge

At Eloquent Eyes, we believe everyone should be able to have the best skin possible. That's why we've curated the VIP 6 Week Skin Challenge: a special VIP membership that will provide so much more than just a facial and products to use at home. After all, the quest for fabulous skin shouldn't be hard!


So, what exactly does this membership entail? Let's break it down. 

Firstly, we'll work together to develop an in-depth bespoke treatment plan that's based on your needs. This personalised plan will step you through exactly what you need to do to have amazing results, and get your skin on the road to optimum and glowing health in just 6 weeks. 

There'll be online support too: we have a Facebook group that is exclusive to our 6 week skin challenge members, where you can receive our top tips and secrets to download and use, plus a video series. 

We promise a simple journey, and we'll deliver! Our skin specialists will coach you along every step of the way during the Challenge to ensure that you get the best results possible. We want to provide you with the tools and knowledge to support your skin transformation at home, so that you can achieve lasting results. 

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Six Week Skin Challenge

The Breakdown of what's included:
  • A Professional Skin Consultation, where we create your own personal plan. Valued at $85.

  • 6x Advanced Skin Treatments to get you results and have your confidence soaring! This includes 4 x 30 minute treatments, 1 x 60 minute treatment and 1 x 90 minute treatment which is guaranteed to block your socks off! Valued at $640. 

  • 6 Week Customised Treatment and Homecare Plan to support your holistic skincare journey. Valued at $120. 

  • A Professional Makeup Consultation to discuss your regime and a lesson on how to apply your makeup to bring out your beauty. Valued at $85. 

  • Bonus videos, valued at $280.

  • BONUS VIDEO 1 - Cleansing your face at home.

  • BONUS VIDEO 2 - The importance of hydrators and sunscreen.

  • BONUS VIDEO 3 - Dermarolling at home and the role serums play.

  • BONUS VIDEO 4 - The whys of Dermaplanning.

  • BONUS VIDEO 5 - Using masks at home.

  • BONUS VIDEO 6 - All about skin needling.

  • BONUS 7 - Top 10 Tips for Healthy Skin, valued at $35.

  • BONUS 8 - The Skin Nutrition Tips, valued at $30.

  • BONUS 9 - Exclusive VIP access to our Members Only Eloquent Eyes Skin Challenge Facebook group, which gives your plenty of support and is dedicated to making sure you feel happy, educated and achieve results! 

  • BONUS 10 - Before and After Photos so you can see first hand how much your skin has changed over the course of your journey, valued at $30.

  • BONUS 11 - Your personal skin specialist who will be keeping you on track throughout the Challenge, valued at $35. 


Valued at $1340

Get in touch with us

Each membership of the Challenge is paid weekly so you can be worry-free for appointments – and there are different memberships to suit your needs.


If you’d like to know more about the membership options, get in touch with us on 0418 954 203. 

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What They Say


I have just finished my 6 week Challenge and OMG!!!

My face and skin look and feel amazing. All the procedures I had done were fantastic.


I have just completed the 6week skin challenge and it has been fantastic my skin has improved so much wrinkles have dramatically reduced (I literally can’t believe it) after week 2.


The products have already been working well on my skin, the girls have been great and follow up all the time ...
I cant fault anything and I'm soo looking forward to more facials to come.


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