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Maintaining Your Brows in Isolation

After being lockdown for long enough, many of us are feeling very uncomfortable with the state of our brows.

Under normal circumstances as your Brow and Lash Stylist, I never advise any clients to touch their brows in between the regular 2-3 weekly maintenance appointments. 

However, desperate times call for creative measures!

Of course, you want to feel the best you can under these circumstances, so I have put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts with instructions to help maintain brows at home.

DONT Wax your own brows - there are so many problems which can happen; you can easily burn yourself, or easily end up in a wax mess. Professional wax is far superior to store purchased wax and specifically for use by Professionals 

DONT Touch the hair on top of your brow - NO tweezing at all


DONT Tint your brows - henna and tint needs to be professional standard and again, applied by Professionals

DONT Over trim


DONT Over tweeze


(With Caution)

Use a pair of tweezers, spoolie, magnifying mirror and a small pair of scissors

If you have brow hair which grows long, you may trim as follows:


Push hairs upwards

Only trim extra-long hairs - you will not need to trim all of them 

Trim one hair at a time  

Trim 2-3mm ABOVE the line your brow stylist has created

If you have very long hair - brush brow hair down and trim long hairs along the bottom of your brow – again 2-3mm off the bottom line of brow (less is more, do not trim close to the line of the brow as removing too much will result in your brow stylist having to wait for your hair to grow back after you return from quarantine and mark my word, she will not be happy!)


Brush hair into place

Tweeze with caution - 2-3mm from the bottom line of the brow - only the most central part of your mono - leave the entire top of your brow including the tail


Feeling unhappy with the fading colour of your brows? Fill them in with product!



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