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There are so many reasons why clients need facials

What conditions do we treat?

Our Facials treat a range of skin concerns, and we tailor each facial to suit your individual needs.  These include:
Aging: You want to look younger & reduce the signs of aging.
Cleansing: You feel that your skin is built up with dirt/makeup etc., and want a deep clean
Hydration:  Your skin is dry, and you want it to be softer and smoother. 
Acne: You have pimples and want to get rid of them so that you can experience clear skin.      
Pigmentation:  You want your skin to look more even and reduce dark patches.
 Rosacea:  You want to reduce redness & have a more even skin tone.
Scarring: You want smoother skin to reduce the appearance from scarring, including acne.
Relaxation: You want a relaxing treatment and facial massage - some delightful "Me" time!    




If you have started to feel as if you are looking older lately, or you want to get in now before signs of aging occur, then regular facials and a daily home care regime will help bring back that glow and reduce lines and wrinkles.



If you aren't using a cleanser that has ingredients in it that will work on your skin or you aren't using anything at all, chances are you have enlarged, blocked pores and your skin is looking dull and feeling very dry.  We have gentle cleansers that are powerful that will leave your skin feeling super hydrated and refreshed. 


Dry skin often creates fine lines and wrinkles and leaves the skin looking dull.  Our facials and homecare products will bring your skin back to glowing health and allow it to function normally.  There is nothing better than having someone ask you what you have done because you are looking so refreshed and you know it is due to your new skincare regime! 

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Reversing acne and having lovely clear and glowing skin is truly life-changing for teenagers and adults alike!

Acne can be sore; it can make you feel low, depressed and unconfident.

So it is exciting for our clients to see an improvement in their skin in a short period of time after treating their skin to a few facials supported by their new home care routine that is very easy to follow!  Facial treatments include the removal of blackheads.

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Using the highest-quality, pure ingredients with a cutting-edge skin delivery system, we have in salon products and treatments that will greatly assist the fight against pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

For extreme pigmentation, we also have our 6-month Cosmelan Treatment that has changed the lives of our clients.  Imagine no longer having to wear makeup after years of never leaving the house without it!     



We are able to boost the skin's immune system to treat hyperpigmentation, acne and rosacea.  This allows your skin cells to optimal function and reinforce your skins barrier functions. Resulting in the repair of the skin cells, reduction of redness and restoration of that lovely skin glow!


Often clients come to us with scarring and the belief that nothing can be done to help them. 


They are so excited, happy and confident when they realise that the treatments we carry out, combined with a very easy to follow home care regime, will massively change and restore their skin so that it is glowing and healthy!

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We love pampering our clients, making them feel relaxed and loved, and giving them beautiful skin whilst we are at it!  

There are different facials available that address different levels of skin needs and pampering.

Our Signature Mindfulness Meditation Facial is food for the skin, mind and soul!

Or our 90-minute Facial includes a 30 minute professional massage of your face, neck, decolletage that is guaranteed to get into all your nooks and crannies and will leave you feeling fabulous and dreamy!  

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Your skin will be brighter, silky smooth.  We remove the peach fuzz, along with dead skin cells.  Your skincare products will better penetrate when you apply them and glide on, making them all the more effective.

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For the treatment of scarring and remove age lines and wrinkles by generating new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin.  We treat the face, neck, decolletage, hands and scarring (eg stomach). 


As part of your facial treatment, a sterile needle is used to remove milia. 



Our intensive depigmentation programme.  Removes pigmentation and prevents further melanin production. 

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