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Keep your lashes dry for 24 hours.

No swimming, steam rooms, saunas or facials for 48 hours.

Use only water-based Eyelash Extension approved makeup removers, cleansers and makeup. Oil/cream/wax based products will shorted the lift of your Eyelash Extensions. A foaming cleaner MUST be used on your lashes daily to help prevent eye infections and demodex mite infestations. Mites love feeding on dead skin cells and oil.

Regular cleansing will keep your lashes healthy, your Eyelash Extensions lasting longer and will help prevent a build-up of natural oils, dust and makeup.

Avoid exfoliants around the eye area. This includes chemical exfoliators like AHAs, Glycolic Acid & Salicylic based cleansers.

No mascara. No eyelash curlers are to be used whilst wearing Eyelash Extensions.

Avoid rubbing, touching or picking your Eyelash Extensions. This can become addictive, so just don’t even go there!

Use a tissue to blot dry lashes after washing your face and brush with your spoolie.

Let your Lash Specialist know immediately if you experience any irritation or discomfort.


Don’t forget to pre-book your eyelash refills at 2-3 week intervals in order to maintain the fullness of your Eyelash Extensions.

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