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It is so easy to look after your brows after your brow design or maintenance visit.

For a few days after your appointment, we ask that you don't vigorously exfoliate or scrub at your brows, particularly if you have had brow dye.  Although we want you have clean skin, this action will remove dead skin cells that the dye is attached to and you will not retain the colour for as long.  

Of course, we also want you to have clean skin so as you notice that the colour is wearing off, then it is safe to cleanse and exfoliate over your brows.  Often the brows are not exfoliated and this leads to blackheads that can't be seen through your brow hairs.  It does however become noticeable at your appointment and the colour can attach to the blackheads.   


​If you are having trouble filling in or highlighting your brows, do not hestitate to contact us or pop in a lesson.  Our aim is for all of our clients to feel confident with filling in their brows so you can have as many lessons as you need!  

Let your brow Stylist know immediately if you have any concerns or questions following your treatment.  your feedback is very important to us and we strive to ensure that every single one of our clients is happy with the outcome of every single treatment. 


Don’t forget to pre-book your brow maintenance appointment at 2-3 week intervals in order to maintain the design shape your specialist has created.  any time after 3 weeks will need a design appointment. 


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