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We pay attention to each of our clients and we want to make sure your lashes are a work of art!  That's why all of our sets include:   

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Customised Professional Application 

You'll receive expertly placed lash extensions that are perfectly attached, with each lash isolated.  This means no damage to your natural lashes AND you won't be able to feel you are wearing them!  


Your Choice of Styling and a Consultation to Decide

We know there are so many choices when you decide to have lash extensions.  Choose  natural classic, dramatic classic, natural volume, glam volume or hybrid.  Cat Eye, Squirrel, Open Eye, Kim Kardashian. 

Have no idea?! 

No problem! 

We will work it out with you during your consultation.  


Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to have the best possible experience with your treatment at Eloquent Eyes, and be 100% happy.  This is why we guarantee our lash extensions.  If you have any concerns or aren't100% happy, let us know within 24 hrs and we will correct them for you!   

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Professional Grade Products 

We only use the best quality products lash extensions and accessories.  So you can be rest assured you are receiving the very best!

Why you need to visit 

Eloquent Eyes

for your lash extensions!

Everyday Express - 

This 1/2 set of volume lash extensions is perfect for when on a budget, if you are time-poor, if you are trying lashes for the first time, want them for a one-off special occasion and if you can't help yourself by breaking the golden rule of not applying mascara to your extensions. 

Yes, that's right, you can apply mascara with this set; our special Elleevate keratin mascara can be used. 

This set doesn't offer refills, and lashes will need to be removed with a full set reapplied to maintain them.

60 minutes - $99

Perth Lash Extensions - Express - Eloquent Eyes
Natural Lash_016.jpg

Natural Express Volume

A set of premade volume 2-4d fans.

Approx 60% coverage of your natural lashes.  An excellent set to begin with, or if you don't want anyone to know you are wearing extensions. It adds length and thickness and is lovely and natural.

Infills required at 2-3 week mark.

Full Set - 75 minutes - $140
Infill - 60 minutes - $115


A full set of individual lash extensions applied to every possible natural lash. 
Includes a full consultation with our highly qualified lash stylists to assess the most suitable styling for your face and lashes. This set adds length and thickness. 

If you have loads of natural lashes and would like them fuller (more natural lashes covered with extensions), Upgrade by 30 minutes - $60. 

full set - 90 minutes - $155
light infill - 60 minutes - $115
heavy infill - 75 minutes - $140

classic lashes.jpg
Glam lash_002.jpg

Glam Express Volume/Hybrid

3-5d fans of volume extensions. Approx 70% coverage of natural lashes, adding length and fullness.  

Our most popular set.

Infills required at 2-3 week mark.


Want a fuller look - Upgrade to our Full Volume! 

full set - 90 minutes - $170
touch up infill - 30 minutes - $85
light infill - 45 minutes - $105
heavy infill - 60 minutes - $115

 Volume or Hybrid Upgrade

A full set of stunning fluffy and full volume lash extensions 4-7D.  This set gives much definition to the eyes.  Every possible lash has an extension applied. It can be made to look very full, wispy, textured, uniformed or dramatic.  

Want hybrids?  We add in classic extensions, either singular or clustered, depending upon how dramatic a look you would like.   

full set - 120 minutes - $190

light infill - 60 minutes - $125

heavy infill - 90 minutes - $175

Mega Lash_006.jpg

Mega Express Volume - Premade 

A dramatic set of volume lash extensions applying 7-10+D volume fans. 

Includes a full consultation with our highly qualified lash stylists to assess the most suitable styling and type of lashes for your face and lashes. This set is bold, glamorous and daring.

full set - 150-180 minutes - $250
light infill - 75 minutes - $165
heavy infill - 90 minutes - $195

Lash extensions used in our salon are synthetic faux mink and silk in premade or premade form.  We use high-quality lashes, which are reflected in the quality of softness and flexibility in our sets, and this shows in the final look the wear and longevity of your lashes.

Damage-free application is essential, and our highly qualified Lash Specialists are extensively trained to apply extensions using the isolating technique, which ensures that the natural lash can continue its growth cycle unimpeded. If the correct length and diameter extensions are used, your natural lashes will remain healthy, and extensions can be worn long term.

Lash extensions can last up to 5 weeks or more; however, as your natural lashes grow in cycles, once your natural lash completes its growth cycle, it sheds, taking the extension with it. It is normal to lose up to 5 natural lashes per day, and this is often more noticeable when wearing extensions. To keep your lash extensions looking their best, refills are necessary every 2-3 weeks.

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