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A Facial That Will Blow Your Mind, Body & Soul!

Have you felt stressed lately?

Feeling tired and your skin a little dry?

Been thinking you need something to make you feel calm, loved and pampered?

Then we have the solution for you!

At Eloquent Eyes, we know facials often need to be so much more than TLC for the skin. That's why our skin specialists have undertaken advanced training in facials and massages, to provide you with a mind-blowing experience and deep relaxation facial.

Our Signature Mindfulness Meditation Facial is a holistic experience designed to treat the skin, mind and soul. Let us lead you on a journey of an empowered mind, a relaxing face, neck, decolletage massage and glowing skin, providing the ultimate relaxation experience.

This facial addresses three key aspects of your health:

1. Skin: This is the largest organ in the body and deserves unparalleled attention for its health. This signature facial cares for your skin with the highest regard, understanding the impact of its health on your physiological and psychological well-being.

2. Mind: Slow down and pay full attention to your thoughts, honour your desires and feel heightened sensations of touch, smell, sight and sound. This signature facial will allow you to feel connected with your soul and you will leave with a refreshed outlook on life.

3. Power-tude: Be in the driver's seat and take control of you life. This signature facial will encourage you to be the best version of yourself, making the most of life's blessings and finding strength in inner-peace.

Would you like to know more?

Click the link below. We would love to see you!


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