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The top 3 reasons people visit us for lash extensions are:

💟 They love how their lashes feel when they are wearing them. Light, fluffy, full and they can't tell they are wearing extensions!

💟They know that their lashes will not be damaged because our Lash Specialists are isolating every single lash to ensure that every lash extension is correctly placed.

💟They love visiting our friendly, cosy Salon where they know they will be listened to because we care that every single client is happy with their lashes! 100% guaranteed!

Do you relate to any of these 3 reasons?

If you do, or have had a bad experience elsewhere it might be time to try our lash extensions for yourself!

All you need to do is give us a call on 0418954203 and tell us about your lashes and we will give you all the info and prices. Then if it all sounds good and you would like to book in a time, we'll fit you in to get it done!

Want more info or to book online? Go to link below: 💟


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