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Never Had A Facial With Us? Then You've Never Had A Facial!!

The Top 5 Reasons So Many Ladies Love our Facials:

💟 They notice a more even skintone.

💟 They are prone to breakouts and blackheads and they notice reducing in redness and blocking of pores.

💟 They immediately notice a reduction in black circles around their eyes and fewer fine lines and wrinkles, especially around their eyes and mouth.

💟 Lastly they say it's really nice to relax and enjoy themselves while knowing they are getting amazing results and benefits to their skin!

Plus, do you know that facials are suitable for everyone, at any age?!

⭐In your teens and your skin will be hydrated and clean. Acne, hormonal pores will be unblocked and a good skin regime will set you up for life!

⭐In your 20's prevent premature wrinkles, sun damage and aging. Its best to start early rather than later on in life. Your skin will love you for it and show the results!

⭐In your 30's and get on top of hormones that result from period, pregnancy or stress. Adult acne is prevalent in this decade, as it signs of inflammation, red, blotchy skin, and fine lines and wrinkles.

⭐In your 40's, address lines, wrinkes and inflammation. In your 20s, skin cells replenish every 28 days. By your 40s, the effects of sun damage and environmental stress slows skin cell turnover to 45-50 days. This causes build up, dull and dry skin with fine lines and wrinkles.

⭐In your 50's & 60's maintain elasticity and tone, hydration treating dull skin and fine lines and wrinkles.

Its NEVER too late to start looking after your skin. The right time is NOW!

What a Facial looks like at Eloquent Eyes:

Each one of our Skin Specialists has recently been training on our new anti-agine facial massage technique that they use in every 1 hr + facial.

And each facial is a bespoke treatment suitable entirely to your needs.

Have you had a facial lately?

Would you like to try one?

Would you like to see more information including our prices?

Just click the link below and you will be taken to our facials page that will tell you everything you need to know about our facials.


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