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Want Fabulous Brows? Make Sure You Visit A Brow Expert!

Are you flustered at even the thought of having to do something with your brows?

What IS the current style for this decade?

You don't like the heavy, boomerang shaped brows that cause the wearer to look permanently surprised and would be horrified to end up with that look.

But you tweezed your brows pretty much out of their life during the 80's and now find you don't have any hair to work with.

Or you have some hair, but have no idea how to fill them in, what to fill them in with or what shape you are trying to achieve.

Or perhaps you dread putting on your makeup because a successful end result is hit and miss.

You really have no idea what you are doing!

This is where a TrueBrow Expert will become your most valued Beauty Specialist!!

There is no one style suits all here.

No 1 day, or 2 day or even 5 day training classes before being let out into the world with little idea of what to do next.

A TrueBrow Specialist has years of intensive brow training under her belt, and knows how to style ANY kind of brow. Wiry hair, sparse hair, thick hair, red hair, blonde hair, white hair, grey hair, young hair, old hair (and yes, we do mean the hair on your brows!).

You will be consulted with to discuss what we see as being the potential of your brows. Because we don't look at what we have to work with, we look at what we can create!

Fuller, natural, thicker, thinner, lighter, darker, trimmed or fluffy. We will recommend and create a style that is best suited to you. To give your face softness, definition and a lift that often disappears when your brows aren't at their very best.

And the best part?

Getting ready will be a breeze! We will show you how to look after your brows so you'll soon feel like a professional!

We also offer obligation free free consultations to discuss your concerns and let you know how we can help, so you can ask as many questions as you need. To which we will have the answer!

You just can't go wrong when visiting a TrueBrow Specialist. Our years of intensive and ongoing training means we are passionate about helping women feel their very best as a result of our ability to create beauty in even the most comprised of brows.

Visit us in our cosy and friendly Salon in Padbury and one of our TrueBrow Specialists will look after you!

And we do not use ink - so no need to worry about any tattooing!


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